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Community Micro Enterprise Criteria

Organisations providing services in the home, garden or in the community on a 1:1 basis must register as a Green Tick Provider. Where that service includes home care/support the Community Micro Enterprise (CME) registration pathway may apply. Leeds Directory has developed a comprehensive standard of registration, in conjunction with Community Catalysts, to ensure that CME’s are delivering high quality and safe support.

A Community Micro Enterprises (CME) is small, locality focused provider of home care/support. Businesses qualify for CME registration where they,

Provide low levels of help/support in the home and have less than 8 members of staff


Operate as a sole trader providing higher levels of care, including personal care. 

If either of these service delivery models applies to you then you will be required to complete the CME registration pathway to ensure that services listed with Leeds Directory are delivering high quality and safe support.

Applicants providing regulated activities as an agency or business with two or more members of staff must be registered with the Care Quality Commission.

In addition to completing a registration form as a CME Provider, you will need to supply:

  • Evidence a DBS disclosure certificate for the owner/manager of your organisation.
  • Evidence DBS disclosure certificates for each member of staff who works directly with clients in the home, garden or in the community on a 1:1 basis if applicable.
  • Evidence of public liability insurance relevant to the service being provided, to the amount covered of £5m.
  • Supply a County Court Judgement check against the England and Wales Order and Judgements Register.
  • Complete a Sub Contractors Disclaimer Form.
  • Supply business stationary complying with the Companies Act 2006.
  • Evidence of HMRC registration where sole trader status applies.
  • Undertake Safeguarding training through Leeds City Council.
  • Three references from Customer/Clients.
  • Sign and return a copy of our Terms & Conditions and Code of Good Practice.

Where a CME is providing higher levels of care, including but not limited to personal care, as a sole trader provider the following additional provider

  • Evidence additional training modules around GDPR and Dementia Awareness.
  • Evidence additional business stationery and assessment forms.

The following documents may also help you during the registration process.

We work with a number of organisations which all organisations listed with Leeds Directory can work approach to further develop their business.

Find out more about our general business support.

CME’s providing regulated services as a sole trader are also encouraged to seek membership of associations and bodies who are able to support care workers operating in a self-employed capacity. These groups provide a variety of information, advice and support services ranging from access to discounted liability insurance and legal support helplines, guidance on self-employment and access to resources such as templates, 

Some examples of relevant membership bodies include,

You're the Boss - Care and Support Made Simple 

National Association of Care & Support Workers

ILG - PA | One stop shop for Micro-Providers, Personal Care Assistants & Self-Employed Carers providing everything you need to set up your business

Your listing is the way you communicate with potential customers through the Leeds Directory so it is important that it reflects the service you provide and that it is up to date. When building or updating your listing it is important to,

  • Prioritise your first 500 characters
  • Use all the fields
  • Keep your listing up to date
  • Encourage customers to rate and review your service

Find out how to make the most of your listing on Leeds Directory

The Leeds Directory Terms & Conditions can be viewed here. As part of the registration process you are required to read them and return a signed copy.

Service users are able to share their experiences of organisations listed on the Leeds Directory in a number of ways. Any complaints received regarding Green Tick providers will be recorded and reviewed against the Leeds Directory Code of Good Practice. We attempt to work will all parties involved to try and reach a satisfactory outcome.

Depending on the nature of the complaint we will also signpost or support service users to take a complaint to relevant organisations and regulatory bodies, where appropriate.

We reserve the right to remove an organisation’s listing from Leeds Directory pending investigation or permanently from Leeds Directory.

An organisation can appeal against the removal of their listing by writing to:
Service Delivery Manager, Leeds Directory Team, Leeds City Council, 5th Floor East, Merrion House, 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8BB.

Appeals will be reviewed at our discretion.

Last updated: 5/4/2022