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Activities and Events Registration

This registration pathway enables organisers of events and activities to list their calendar on the Leeds Directory Activities Calendar.

Completing the online form should take you around 10 minutes and requires the below information:

  • An email address for us to contact you on
  • Contact information for the organiser including name, address, contact number and email.
  • Information regarding who to contact to book on the event if different from the organiser
  • A description of your activity or event including key joining information

If you would like to upload your business logo to the Leeds Directory website please note that the website can only accept image files which are: 

  • Format JPEG
  • File Size 20KB or less

Please note, you cannot save your application to register part-way through so please ensure you have the above details to hand before beginning the registration.

It is important that you include key joining information as part of the description for your activity or event. This should include the four W’s


Who is the organiser and what kind of services or support do they offer? Include a short one- or two-line description so people can see who you are and what you do.

Who is it for? Let people know who the session aimed at; be that a specific age group, support need or other demographic.


What is happening? Tell people what kind of activity it is, benefit they might get from attending and anything else they might need to know such as ability level, mobility requirements, accessibility etc.

What do they need to do to join in? If booking is required, a cost involved or there is a named coordinator include this information in the description as well. 


Where is it happening? In addition to the address of the venue you can let us know about venue facilities such as accessible access, toilets, hearing loop etc.

If your activity takes place online or hybrid, please confirm what platform is used and who to contact for joining instructions. Do not provide us with direct joining links.


When is it happening? We need to know the day/date and both start and finish time (or rough duration) to be able to create your activity calendar entry. We can list daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly reoccurrences. Don’t worry about setting up a schedule, just add the details to the description and we will set it up for you. You can help us do this by letting us know if the description when the next occurrence is due to take place.

If your activity is only running for a set duration please let us know the date of the first occurrence and confirm how many sessions / planned end date so we can make sure that the entry expires appropriately. If there is no planned end date we will create a years’ worth of entries and get in touch with you when that year is up.

  1. Complete our online registration by clicking the button above. If you require a paper copy of the registration form, you can download one here or request one via helpline.
  2. The Content and Development Officer will get in touch with you within the next two working days to discuss your submission .
  3. Your event will then be published live on the Leeds Directory

Contact Us

If you have 6 or more activities to upload to the activities calendar please contact us for support with the data entry process. Please contact helpline and ask to speak to the Content and Development Officer:


Telephone: 0113 378 4610

Please note, activities and events are listed only at the discretion of the Leeds Directory.

Last updated: 6/5/2024