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Help using this site

There are different ways you can use this directory to find the information you are looking for, such as;

  • use the picture icons

    You can also click on the quick link below each picture icon to get more specific results. For example, choose “Builders” to just see results for builders within the Building and decorating Services picture icon.

    An example of what the picture icons look like

  • type a key word into the search bar

    You can enter a keyword into the search bar and click search.

    An example of the keyword search bar

    This will bring back all results that contain this word in their title, description and address.


    Our search is an AND search which means it looks for results that contain all the words you have searched. This type of search is helpful to make searches more accurate and not bring pack pages of less relevant results. For example, if you search “personal care” the search will only show results that contain both the words “personal” and “care”.

    It’s best to stick to 1 or 2 keywords. If you don’t get many results back, try reducing the amount of words in your search term.

  • sort your results

    You can use the sort options to order your results by:
    • Relevance order – sorts the results by looking at how many times each entry contains your keyword
    • A-Z order – sorts by A-Z
    • Z-A order – sorts by Z-A
      An example of the different ways to sort results
  • filter your results
    You can filter by choosing from the options down the left hand side of the screen.
    An example of different filter options

    Choose a ‘category’ first and select Apply Filters. This will show all the results we have in that category. It will also open any additional relevant filters for that category to choose from.

    An additional example of a way to filter results


  • use a postcode

    On both our directory and activities calendar you can use your postcode and set a radius to return results that are closest.

    An example of how to search via the postcode

    Please note: you must enter a full postcode here, as it is needed to calculate the distance of the listings.

    Distances are “as the crow flies”.

    You can search an area by choosing the Area filter option on the left hand side and then selecting the postcode area you are looking for.

  • use our A to Z

    Choose the A-Z Index from the homepage to look alphabetically at what is in the directory.

    An example of what the A-Z finder looks like

  • use our information finder

    Choose the information finder button from the homepage, select categories to find out more and choose what you are interested in.

Activities calendar

Enter a full postcode and choose from the different categories first to get the results most relevant to you.

You can then further refine your search using the filters down the left hand side.

Show Map to see your results in a map view.

Hide Map to return to the calendar view.

We have a tool called the Information Finder which can help you work out the type of information you need.

It's simple to use - just click on a subject area that you think is most relevant then select from the options below. You will be directed to useful information and also have the option to email the results. 

If you know of a good service, group or activity that you think should be listed on the Directory we would like to hear from you. You can contact us by e-mail or telephone or complete our Recommend a Provider form.


We have worked hard to make this site accessible to a wide audience and to ensure a better experience for all users and all technologies. However we welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback you have; please feel free to Contact Us.

Yes, choose Accessibility from the toolbar on the homepage and from there you can choose alternative languages, change the font size and change the contrast of the directory.

The Ability Net website also has lots of information to help make your device easier to use.

Yes, you can.

Printing directly from your computer

You can print individual pages from your internet browser by selecting 'Print' in your browser menu. For a better print result you may want to use the “Create favourites list” function.


'Create Favourites'

The “Create favourites list” function allows you to save pages from the Leeds Directory website to come back to later, send via email or print them out in booklet form.

You can save the pages that interest you by clicking 'Add to favourites' where you see a button, or by clicking “Create favourites list” at the top of the page and then 'Add to favourites'.

Once you have collected the pages you want to print, click “Create favourites list” at the top of the page and then 'Print booklet'. This will take you to a page where you can add notes to your booklet before emailing it or printing it out.

Different pictures of favourite buttons / links to click
Last updated: 10/9/2019