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Star Ratings and Reviews

Our star ratings and reviews allow users to share their customer experience of the services they have used and allows potential customers to read reviews that help decide which service is best for them. All ratings and reviews are checked before publishing to ensure that the review is authentic.


There are three ways that you can submit your review of Green Tick providers.

Submit your review online

Search for the organisation you would like to review using the “I am looking for” search box located at the top right of our header. Select the organisation’s name to view more details and scroll down to the bottom of the information section. Under ‘Ratings and reviews’ click ‘Submit a Review’. You will be asked to fill in some information, your scores, and any comments and click ‘Finish’ to submit.

Once we receive the review we will get in touch with you according to your preferred method to confirm that we have received the review and complete our checks.


Submit your review thought helpline.

If you're not website confidence we can take the review over the phone. Call us on 0113 3784610 and let helpline colleagues know which service you would like to review. They will take you through the process and submit the online review on your behalf.


Submit your review in the post

We are also able to accept paper based reviews on the Leeds Directory. Please download a copy of the form and post it to us.

Once we receive the review we will get in touch with you according to your preferred method to confirm that we have received the review and complete our checks.  

Our ratings and review process is anonymous but our process requires us to be able to contact reviewers to ensure that the information we receive is genuine. Once we have confirmed a reviews authenticity we will anonymise the review before it is published online. 

When you review a service, you can give a score of 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent). Service users are asked to review the service received based on the following;

  • Reliability - Did they do what they said they would?
  • Affordability - Did you get good value for money?
  • Flexibility - Were they willing to work around you and your needs?
  • Accessibility - How easy was it to contact them?
  • Quality - How satisfied are you with the quality of the service?

We then add these scores up and divide by 5 to give an average star rating.

When you select an organisation to view their details you will be able to see all their reviews at the bottom of the information.

We make every effort to ensure reviews submitted to the Leeds Directory are genuine. All ratings and reviews are checked before publishing.  

Depending on how you leave you review you may receive a phone call from us to confirm the scores you have given and the service that you received. We also ask questions to make sure that providers are not generating reviews in a way which is false or misleading.

Leeds Directory will not publish reviews if there is reason to believe they are not genuine after the completion of a verification process. If a provider is found to be failing to meet our standards for generating ratings and reviews, they will be removed from the Leeds Directory.

Where a review raises concerns, and permission to share contact name and information is not given, Leeds Directory reserves the right to discuss the content of the review on an anonymous basis with relevant regulatory bodies.

Leeds Directory does not accept reviews from an organisation’s friends or family, or from any individual or organisation with a vested interest in the organisation, or from members of staff within the organisation.

We can only accept reviews from people who have used the service, based on the requirements of the ratings and review form. If you have had trouble getting in touch with a service, or you feel you received an unsatisfactory response from them we are still interested in hearing from you. Please let us know about your experience either by emailing us at or calling helpline on 0113 378 4610.

All comments and ratings are the views of people who have used a service and do not represent the views of Leeds City Council.

Last updated: 6/5/2024