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Falls prevention and management

Preventing falls at home

We spend most of our time at home and tend to move around our homes without thinking about our safety. It might seem like 'common sense' but it isn't always easy to recognise the things that can cause trips, slips and falls. 

  • Keeping walkways clear of clutter, wires, or other obstacles will help to prevent trips
  • Ensuring rugs and mats are removed or securely fastened, and carpets are not loose
  • Adequate lighting in hallways and stairs can prevent trips
  • Consider nightlights for hallways and bedrooms when going to the bathroom overnight
  • Consider storing items and appliances that are used regularly within easy reach
  • Ensure furniture such as beds and sofas are not too low or too soft as this can make it harder to stand up
  • Think about getting someone to help re-arrange furniture to allow for wider walkways

Even with these changes you may need some help from organisations to make sure you've considered everything and to help you make adaptations.

Care and Repair (Home Plus) can survey a home for hazards and carry out minor adaptations to reduce the risk of falling in and around the home. The service aims to enable individuals to continue living comfortably and safely in their own homes while maintaining their quality of life. Works include stair/grab rails, lighting improvements, securing loose carpets, removing trailing electrical cables, provision/installation of equipment that assists those at risk of falling e.g. bath boards, bath steps

Find out more about the Home Plus service

The Disability Services Team can provide aids and adaptations to make things easier around the home. They can offer an Occupational Therapy assessment of activities of daily living and equipment needs, as well as assessment for adaptations including ramps, access and wet rooms.

To make a referral: contact 0113 2224401


If you are struggling to put your bins out for collection Leeds City Council can provide support. This service helps  frail, elderly, disabled or incapacitated persons where there are no able bodied residents to present the wheeled bin to the kerbside.

Request or cancel an assisted waste collection

The kind of home you live in is likely to change over time depending on your circumstances. 

We hold information on all of these things so please check out sections relevant to you. 

Last updated: 6/10/2024
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