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Falls prevention and management

Falls prevention and management

Falls are not an inevitable result of ageing, but the risk of falls increases with age (NICE, 2013), with one in three people over the age of 65 estimated as having a fall each year.

There are certain risk factors that may make a person more likely to fall.

  • Previous falls
  • Conditions such as a stroke or Parkinson’s Disease
  • Dizziness
  • Taking certain types of medication or a combination of four or more different medications
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Reduced balance
  • Reduced mobility
  • Poor or ill-fitting footwear
  • Poor eyesight or hearing
  • Continence problems
  • Poor nutrition or dehydration
  • Environmental hazards such as loose carpets, trailing wires, poor lighting

These information pages provide advice about how to stay active and well, maintain your health and changes you can make to your home and the services that can support you to do this. 

Last updated: 8/30/2023