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Falls prevention and management

Staying active

Falls prevention is about identifying and managing the risks related to your health and wellbeing.

Keeping fit and healthy could help you stay mobile. Avoid sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Try and build walking into your daily routine. Exercises to build up strength in the muscles and improve balance may help you become steadier on your feet and less likely to fall (NICE, 2013), but need to be carried out regularly to be of benefit.

Discuss with a healthcare professional regarding the most appropriate exercise regime for you to reduce your risk of falling. It is advised that you seek advice from your GP or healthcare professional if there has been a change in your health.

There are lots of services which can help you stay active in Leeds. 

Active Leeds

Active Leeds offer a programme of activities for people at risk of falling. The strength and balance exercise sessions are designed to improve strength, balance and coordination. The sessions are a mixture of exercises in sitting and standing.

Read more about falls prevention from Active Leeds

Active Ageing

Active Ageing in Leeds is for people who are aged 45 and over. No matter your age or physical condition you are likely to benefit from being more active. 

Find out more about Active Ageing

Age UK

Age UK are a charity for older people, providing information and advice. They can offer health and wellbeing support, advocacy and information on activities.

Find out about exercises for elderly adults from Age UK

Find out about activities and events from Age UK

Neighbourhood Networks

Neighbourhood network schemes are voluntary sector organisations that provide a range of services and activities for older people across Leeds. Some neighbourhood network schemes run exercise classes.

Locate your neighbourhood network on this interactive map

View a list of neighbourhood network services on the Leeds Directory

Community Anchors

Community anchors are locally trusted organisation providing a range of services and activities. From food banks and community cafes to resident led and organised activities and events, community anchors are a great way to connect to people locally and find something to do.  

Find out more about the community anchor network


view a list of community anchors on the Leeds Directory

Other Social Networks

There are a range of other organisations operating as social networks, recognising particular accessibility or cultural needs. 

View a list of other social networks on the Leeds Directory

Last updated: 6/10/2024

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