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Carers emergency planning

Sudden unexpected events or emergencies can be scary and stressful, and most of us simply hope they never happen.  However, making a plan can encourage you and the person you care for to think about what you both want to happen if you are suddenly unable to provide the care you normally provide due to an emergency, help identify people who will step in at short notice and provide important information that will help someone to take over caring.

The following arrangements have been introduced in Leeds to encourage unpaid carers and the people they care for, to think about what they want to happen should an emergency arise meaning that the carer is temporarily unable to provide the care they normally provide.

Carers Leeds Emergency Card

Carers can apply for a Carers Leeds Emergency Card by phoning the Carers Leeds Advice Line on 0113 380 4300. 

Find out more about the Carers Leeds Emergency Card. 

Carers Emergency Plan

As well as having a Carers Leeds Emergency Card, the carer and the cared for person can complete a Carers Emergency Plan.  

Download an Emergency Plan template from Carers Leeds

Register your plan with Leeds Telecare

Carers can choose to register their plan with Leeds Telecare which means that Leeds Telecare will coordinate emergency care should an emergency arise.  Leeds Telecare follow an agreed process which may include contacting people who have agreed they can be contacted in an emergency, NHS Enhanced Care at Home, Adult Social Care, Adult Social Care Emergency Duty Team.  The Carers Emergency Plan Template includes details on how to register a plan with Leeds Telecare.


Last updated: 7/26/2023