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Carers breaks and support

While a short break often means the person you care for is either looked after by someone else or takes part in an activity, sometimes the carer and the person they care for might want to go on holiday or take part in an activity together or with other people as this can provide a break from the usual routine of caring. 

If you or the person you care for are eligible for support then Adults and Health will be able to help you to have a regular break from caring.  This will usually be a Replacement Care or Respite Service where someone from a care agency takes over caring on a temporary basis.  Examples include home based respite, sitting services, day services, respite in a residential or nursing setting.  This type of service is regarded as a service provided to the person you care for and so they may be charged for the service.  A financial assessment will be undertaken to see how much they can afford to pay.

If you or the person you care for are not eligible for support, or if you choose not to have an assessment or support provided by Adult Social Care, there are still opportunities for you to have a short break from caring, for example:

  • You could ask family and friends to step in and take over caring on a temporary basis
  • The Leeds Directory has lots of information about services and activities in the community which could provide you with a short break as well as vetted care services to provide support whilst you take a longer break. 

Even if you or the person you care for are not eligible for support from Adult Social Care you may be eligible for other forms of carers grants. 

Time for Carers Grant

The Time for Carers Grant can provide an unpaid carer with a one-off payment of up to £250 so that they can have a break from caring. The scheme is funded by Leeds City Council and administered by Carers Leeds.  Many of the carers who receive a Time for Carers Grant go onto receive other forms of support from Carers Leeds. 

Find out more about the Time for Carers Grant


Carefree is a charity that aims to provide low-cost short breaks for carers by matching them to spare hotel or holiday cottage accommodation. Carers Leeds act as an agent and refer carers to the Carefree charity.  

Find out more about Carefree

Shared Lives carers provide care in their own homes. It can be for a few hours, overnight, or even a couple of weeks. 

There are two types of Shared Lives care. 

1) Day support

The person needing care can visit a Shared Lives carer for a day or a few hours once a week or every so often. They may spend time in the carers home or they could help in attending activities and groups. 

2) Short breaks (respite care)

The person needing care can stay in the Shared Lives carers home. This might be over night a couple of time a week, for a weekend or even longer. This enables you as their usual carers to get a break, or help out in the case of an emergency. 

Find out more about Shared Lives

Last updated: 7/20/2023
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