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Help around the home

Some time all you need is a helping hand to help you feel like you are maintaining your independence at home. It might be as simple as having someone help you put out the bins for collection or you might want some more practical support to keep your home clean and tidy, complete common household tasks or even someone to help you get too and from the shops.

One options is Leeds Homeshare:

Leeds Homeshare is a way for people who need a bit of extra support to share their home with someone who can help. Leeds Homeshare carefully matches

  1. a householder, who has a spare room and needs a bit of support with daily tasks and chores
  2. a homesharer, who can give them 10 hours of support per week in exchange for accommodation at a low cost. 

Leeds Homeshare helps you identify the right match for you and to agree a list of daily support tasks. Leeds Homeshare will then keep in touch with you to see how things are going and provide support if you need it. Matches usually lasts 6 months, though you can continue it for longer if everyone agrees. 

Find out more about Leeds Homeshare


There are lots of options available on the Leeds Directory such as vetted and checked handy people and domestic services as well as home support services. You can find out more about the services listed on the Leeds Directory by clicking on the icons below. 

Last updated: 6/10/2024
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Maintaining your home and garden

Maintaining your home and garden

Staying Independent

Staying Independent