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Front door

There is a range of equipment available to help you feel safe and independent at home. If parts of your current home are no longer suitable for you, there are many options available to help you stay independent and in control.

Equipment can be privately purchased from a wide range of retailers both online and on the high street.  If you feel that you need further information or advice please call Adult Social Care on 0113 2224401 to make a referral.  Someone will call you back to discuss the difficulties you are having and if necessary, arrange for an assessment when equipment may be provided to you, from Leeds Equipment Service, free of charge. 

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A spyhole is a small lens which is inserted into a door to allow you to see who is on the other side. The lenses are arranged in such a way that it is only possible to look through one way. A spyhole allows you to see who is calling without needing to open the door or use a chain link device. They are also known as a peephole or eyehole. 

You find and buy similar products online by searching spyhole in your browsers.