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Guide to buying services
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Before and after agreeing to services

Ask for independent advice

As well as speaking to family and friends you may want to get independent advice from other places as well. You can talk to your care manager or social worker, if you have one, or you may want to consider contacting Citizens Adviceline. 

You can also check in with the Leeds Directory, or another community based service such as a social prescriber or advocacy service.  They won't make the decision for you, but you it will give you someone to talk to about your options.   

Keep any correspondences

Keep copies of any letters or emails that you send the provider, all contracts, receipts and other important documents they send you, and records of any payments you've made.

  • Letters or emails you send the provider and any replies they send back
  • Contracts and other important documents
  • Receipts and records of any payments you have made
  • Warranties, services manuals, user guides and instructions
  • Any information the provider gave you when you first contacted them, including their complaints procedure, and information about what happens if wither of you needs to end the contract early
Last updated: 6/5/2024