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Dining room

There is a range of equipment available to help maintain your independence when eating and drinking. From making changes to your existing cutlery to adaptive eating and drinking aids there are a lot of options available to you.

Equipment can be privately purchased from a wide range of retailers both online and on the high street.  If you feel that you need further information or advice please call Adult Social Care on 0113 2224401 to make a referral.  Someone will call you back to discuss the difficulties you are having and if necessary, arrange for an assessment when equipment may be provided to you, from Leeds Equipment Service, free of charge. 

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Adaptive cutlery

range of personal hygiene and eating utensils with large foam handlesAdaptive cutlery is a type of utensil that is designed to help people with disabilities or difficulties to eat independently. Adaptive cutlery can have different features, such as built-up handles, ergonomic shapes, lightweight or heavy materials, or one-handed use. A change as simple as using cutlery with a larger handle, or adding foam tubing to your cutlery, can make a big difference to someone struggling to grip standard cutlery. 

Other types of adaptions which can improve grip and control include

  • moulded grips
  • weighted cutlery 
  • angled cutlery

You can find and buy these products online by 


Can help people who have poor grip, decreased muscle control, tremors, upper limb weakness, hand pain, or reduced dexterity.

Things to consider

Check which 'handed' cutlery items the person needs. 

Foam tubing and some moulded handles need to be removed before washing.