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There is a range of equipment available to help maintain your independence and feel comfortable when in bed. From rails and risers to help you get in and out of bed to talking clocks and alarms there are a lot of options available to you.

Equipment can be privately purchased from a wide range of retailers both online and on the high street.  If you feel that you need further information or advice please call Adult Social Care on 0113 2224401 to make a referral.  Someone will call you back to discuss the difficulties you are having and if necessary, arrange for an assessment when equipment may be provided to you, from Leeds Equipment Service, free of charge. 

Back to the house

Back rest

Being able to move from a laying to sitting position is important, as is being comfortable when remaining in bed for longer periods of time. Backrests and pillow lifts can offer a solution to being comfortable without lots of different pillows and supports.  


metal and mesh back rest


A backrest is a pillow or accessory that provides support to the lower back and neck, easing back pain and increasing comfort. While many people associate a bed backrest with nursing profiling beds, backrests can be stand-alone and manually adjustable accessories used on any standard domestic bed which sits on top of an existing mattress and bed pillows. 

metal backrest and button controls


Mattress and pillow lifts

Mattress and pillow lifts are another way to angle your bed into that perfect seated or reclined position in bed. These power assisted frames either sit on top of the mattress, under the pillows, or under the existing mattress and provide a profiling bed experience without having to replace your existing bed frame. These lifts are operated using push button control and are useful where a carer is unable to assist moving from lying to sitting.  


Can be set to different heights and can be used to help keep pillows in a slight raised position, or to support sitting up in bed.Useful for people who are unable to sleep fully flat, or need to be supported to sit up in bed.


Things to consider

When using manual backrests the user must be able to sit up in bed to allow the back rest to be raised, lowered or removed. 

The user or their carer must be able to make adjustments as required.