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Your street

Sometimes the key to being able to get out and about is being able to getting out of your house.

WalkSafe Leeds

The WalkSafe Leeds personal safety app offers a range of features to help people feel safe through the day and night. The app provides a way of route planning, alerting friends and family to your current location, as well as let you know where the nearest help and support is located if needed. 

WalkSafe - Type in your destination and share your route with selected friends. Includes an estimated time of arrival so your family and friends know when you should arrive. 

HomeSafe - Share your route and estimated time of arrival with friends and loved ones. This  feature will automatically alert your loved ones if you fail to arrive at your destination on time. 

Friends - Add trusted friends to the app so you can easily let your friends know where you are at what time.

SOS - hold down the SOS button to alert your friends immediately that you are in danger.

Reporting – Issues or concerns can be raised and reported anonymously using the reporting tools available


The WalkSafe app, tailored to Leeds city safety features, is FREE 4 PEOPLE and available to anyone, residents, workers, or visitors. 

Download the app for free


Your Street

You can let the council know about problems in your street such as blocked access and street light issues which might be making it harder to get out and about. 

You can report problems with traffic management by completing an online form, or by call the Contact Centre on 0113 222 4444.

Report a traffic management issue


You can report problems with street lighting by completing an online form, or by call the Contact Centre on 0113 222 4444.

Report a street lighting problem online


If you think you might benefit from information about aids and adaptations to help you get out of the house please check out the links below. 

Last updated: 6/12/2024

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