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For many people driving is about more than just getting from A to B. Driving provides a sense of freedom, independence and security and many want to keep driving for as long as possible. 

Find out about services and support to help drivers stay on the road and driving safely. 

The Blue Badge scheme is a national scheme which gives parking concessions for people with certain disabilities, to park nearer to their destination.

Apply for a Blue Badge

You may qualify for a Blue Badge if you’re disabled, blind, or have health problems that make it difficult to get around.

There are two ways to qualify for a Blue Badge

  • If you are registered blind, terminally ill or already getting some types of disability benefits you can qualify automatically.
  • If you have a physical, non-visible (hidden) or other disability that makes journeys very difficult you may qualify but might need an assessment.

Find out more about eligibility criteria and whether or not you require an assessment.

You can apply:

  • for yourself
  • for someone else
  • as an organisation that works with disabled people

You can apply for a blue badge online.

Renew a Blue Badge

When your badge is due to expire you will need to apply for a new one, which you can do up to three months before your current one expires.

Please re-apply as early as possible so we can re-issue your Blue Badge before your current one expires.

You can renew your blue badge online.

Motability allows you to exchange your mobility allowance for a new car, a wheelchair accessible vehicle, scooter or powered wheelchair. Motability will help you decide between the different types of vehicles and adaptations to select a solution which works for you. 

How the Motability Scheme works |

Last updated: 6/12/2024