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There are a range of services to help you maintain your home and garden. From gardening services to waste collections there are lots of options and information available. 

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Green bin

If you are struggling to put your bins out for collection Leeds City Council can provide support. This service helps frail, elderly, disabled or incapacitated persons where there are no able-bodied residents to present the wheeled bin to the kerbside.

Request or cancel an assisted waste collection 

Find out your collection date for individual waste and recycling bins.

Check your bin day online

Yes please



bubble wrap


carrier bags

cartons and Tetra Paks

foil including food containers and takeaway trays

metal cans


plastic bottles, tubs and pots

plastic types 1 (PET), 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE) and 5 (PP)

stretchy plastic bags and wrapping

Make sure that your recycling is clean and dry before you put it into your green bin.

No thanks

Find out what to do with the things that cannot go in your green bin.

A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal

Extra recycling

We will collect any extra recycling if you leave it in a clear or green plastic bag at the side of your bin on collection day.

You may also want to think about requesting an extra green bin.

Request an extra green bin