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There is a lot going on in your local community and lots of places to find out about it. 

Local Community Anchor (LCAN) Network is a group of locally trusted organisations who aim to help ensure their communities thrive. LCAN members help and support people to recognise the assets around them, feel inspire and motivated to make a difference. 

As a result LCAN members provide a range of services such as advocacy, signposting, support, events and activities which reflect the needs and interests of their community. 

View a list of Local Community Anchors on Leeds Directory

Find out more about Local Community Anchors 

Active Leeds provides the Leeds City Council health and fitness provision for the people of Leeds. This includes leisure centres, classes and activities, membership and swimming. 

Find out about Active Leeds 

Age UK

Age UK Leeds offers a range of social care, health and wellbeing services and digital inclusion projects for older people across Leeds

Find out more about Age UK Leeds


Neighbourhood Networks

Neighbourhood Networks are a collection of community-based charitable organisations providing opportunities and support to their local areas. In general, they engage with people aged 60 and over, offering a range of activities, including social and support, sports and fitness classes and one-to-one support. The opportunities on offer can vary from area to area and each scheme is focused on supporting people in their local area so it is important to contact the right service.

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view a list of Neighbourhood Network Schemes on the Leeds Directory

Volunteering is a great way to fill your time and give back to your community. The Volunteer Centre helps individuals to find suitable volunteering opportunities and provides advice and support to organisations to set up and manage a volunteering programme and to find suitable volunteers. 

Contact Volunteer Centre Leeds for more information and support 


Sometimes people need some support in order to access groups and activities, whether that is support in finding things to do or support to access them. Here are some services which can help by providing advice and support. 

Linking Leeds is the integrated, city wide social prescribing service for the people of Leeds. Social Prescribing is a way of linking people with a range of local community services to improve their social, emotional and mental wellbeing. Wellbeing Coordinators are based within GP practices providing one-to-one support over the phone and face to face along side community outreach from GP surgeries and other community locations.

Find out more about Linking Leeds

Live Well Leeds is  a community based service providing support for people with mil to moderate support needs to manage and/or recover from their metal health, diagnose or not. Support offered includes leisure and social activities, group and one to one befriending services, peer support and volunteering opportunities.

Find out more about Live Well Leeds

Last updated: 6/10/2024

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