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Multi-Generational Household Booklet

Leeds Public Health have produced a support guide with specific advice to help those living in multi-generational households stay safe at home during coronavirus.

The key messages:

A safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 is now available. It is our best defence against the virus, alongside social distancing, wearing a mask and washing our hands. If you have had the vaccine, you can still spread the virus so it is important to still follow guidance.

These are some top tips for keeping yourself and those you live with safe at home: remember to clean the things you touch the most, including door handles, TV remotes, and light switches. Use separate towels and wash clothing frequently. Keep shared spaces well ventilated. 

Please access the full version of the booklet for more information, and share with friends and family.

The information in this document was correct at time of writing and the principles contained within are relevant regardless of the time of year or current Covid-19 restrictions.

You can download the Multi-Generational Household Booklet direct from our website in the following languages;

You can also request a PDF copy of the booklet in the following languages;

  • Amharic
  • Bengali
  • Tigrinya
  • Urdu

To access a PDF copy please email or use our website contact form and Helpline staff will forward you a copy.

If you would like a physical copy of the Multi-Generational booklet sending out to yourself or someone you support please contact the Leeds Directory and we will forward your request. 

Last updated: 3/31/2021