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Care Homes

Help is available for those who need support moving around the home and want to maintain their independence.

Extra Care Housing

Extra care housing offers older people independent living in a home of their own, with the benefit of knowing that care is available 24 hours a day.

The developments are usually close to shops, leisure and health services and public transport. They provide a place for older people who need emotional, practical or social support to maintain their wellbeing.

In extra care housing:

  • residents can stay as active as they want and have access to a 24-hour care and support team
  • residents are a tenant or leaseholder with their own front door to a self-contained living space
  • there are opportunities for social interaction
  • couples who have different care needs are supported to stay together
  • residents can stay independent and choose how they would like to be supported as they grow older

To apply for a place in extra care housing contact the Adult Social Care Team.

Retirement LIFE Housing

Retirement LIFE (Living in a Friendly Environment) provides a supportive, safe place to live for older people who are over the age of 60.

Tenants have access to a team of support officers who offer regular contact from Monday to Friday. The service is flexible which means as needs change they can alter their contact to make sure the correct support is in place for a tenant to maintain their independence.

There are different types of sheltered housing schemes provided by the council, housing associations and charities. These are available to both rent and buy.

To apply for Retirement LIFE housing contact Leeds Home.

Care homes may be the best option if you or someone you know cannot live at home safely.

They can help if you:

  • are struggling to live at home even with help from family, friends or paid carers
  • have a medical condition that needs special care day and night
  • have been told a care home is the best choice after having a needs assessment

If you decide a care home is the best place to meet your care needs, you’ll need to choose which type of care home is right for you.

There are two types of care homes:

Residential care homes

These provide somewhere to live and offer personal care such as:

  • washing
  • dressing
  • taking medicines
  • going to the toilet

Nursing care homes

These provide a place to live, personal care and have a nurse available day and night. They usually offer more care and support for people that have:

  • severe learning disabilities
  • complex medical conditions and need help from a qualified nurse
  • specialist care needs, such as dementia
Last updated: 5/25/2021