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About us

About the Leeds Directory

The Leeds Directory is an online source of information about a range of local community care and support services, activities and events that support people to live the life they want to live.

As well as our website, you can also speak to us over the phone on 0113 378 4610 weekdays 9am to 5pm and we can send out printed information too.

There are over 1,500 organisations and services that may assist and support you or a loved one in a variety of ways to live more independently. For example, services to help maintain the home and garden or equipment and technology that can be used around the home to help with daily living tasks like cooking or getting washed and dressed.

Information about events, social groups or activities you might be interested in; either for yourself or for someone else, details of different housing options to consider such as assisted living accommodation, home care services and care homes, information and services that can support keeping healthy and active, and more!

Organisations providing services around the home and garden, or that provide one to one support are checked and vetted for peace of mind. These providers are marked with our Green Tick.

Our star ratings and reviews allow people to write comments on their experiences of services they have received and also find out what others think. All ratings and reviews are checked before publishing and a minimum of 10 percent of reviews are checked for authenticity.

The Leeds Directory is a Leeds City Council funded service.

The Green Tick

Organisations with a Green Tick on their listing in the directory, have been checked and vetted for your peace of mind.

Any organisation that offers a service in the home or garden, or on a one to one basis, must have a Green Tick before we can list them.

To get a Green Tick an organisation must have a;

  • Basic Level Disclosure (Enhanced Level where applicable)
  • valid Public Liability Insurance
  • County Court Judgement check
  • complaints history check against the Trading Standards complaints database
  • registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) if they provide personal care
  • registration with the relevant regulatory body if they are a Health and Care Professional organisation such as the General Optical Council, Health and Care Professions Council
  • registration with the relevant tradesperson regulatory bodies for gas and electrical services and ensure that their business stationery complies with the Companies Act 2006 and Regulations made there under

Green Tick organisations who sub-contract (employ other organisations to do work on their behalf) agree to accept responsibility for the actions taken by sub-contractors and their employees.

A Green Tick is not a recommendation by Leeds City Council and the council are not responsible for how the organisations listed on the Directory deliver a service.

Refer to the Guide to Buying Services and Support if you are thinking of purchasing a service listed on a directory.

Star Ratings & Reviews

Star Ratings and Reviews let you see what other customers thought of the service they have received.

How can I submit a review?

Search for the organisation you would like to review. Select the organisation name to view more details and at the bottom of the information you can Submit a Review.

Alternatively, download a copy of the form and post it to us.

You can also call the Leeds Directory helpline on 0113 3784610 and helpline staff will be happy to record your review.

What do the stars mean?

When you review a service you can give a score of 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent).

We ask people how they would rate the organisations;

  • reliability. Did they do what they said they would?
  • affordability. Did you get good value for money?
  • flexibility. Were they willing to work around you and your needs?
  • accessibility. How easy was it to contact them?
  • quality. How satisfied are you with the quality of the service?

We then add these scores up and divide by 5 to give an average star rating.

Where can I see reviews?

When you select an organisation to view their details you will be able to see all their reviews at the bottom of the information.

Are the reviews genuine?

We make every effort to ensure reviews submitted to the Leeds Directory are genuine.

You may receive a phone call from us to confirm the scores you have given and to confirm the service you received.

Anyone found to be generating false or misleading reviews will be investigated and may be removed from the Leeds Directory.

Where a review raises concerns, and permission to share contact name and information is not given, Leeds Directory reserves the right to discuss the content of the review on an anonymous basis with relevant regulatory bodies.

Leeds Directory will not publish reviews if there is reason to believe they are not genuine after the completion of a verification process.

Who can review a service?

Reviews should only be submitted by people who have used the service.

We will not accept reviews from an organisations friends or family, or from any individual or organisation with a vested interest in the organisation, or from members of staff within the organisation.

All comments and ratings are the views of people who have used a service and do not represent the views of Leeds City Council.

Compliments and Complaints

You can provide feedback or make a complaint by;


  • submitting an online form via the Contact or using the Feedback button in the bottom corner of each page
  • writing to us at Provider Monitoring Officer, Leeds Directory Team, Leeds City Council, 4th Floor East, Merrion House, 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8BB
  • calling us on 0113 378 4610 weekdays 9am to 5pm


Depending on what your complaint is about, we may refer it on to Consumer Direct, the Care Quality Commission and other relevant mandatory regulatory bodies where appropriate.

Care Quality Commission

If your complaint is about an organisation that provides personal care please contact the Care Quality Commission on 0300 061 6161.

Trading Standards

 If your complaint is about a trade service please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline.

Leeds City Council Complaints

If your complaint is about the Leeds Directory you can;


All complaints will be recorded. Where appropriate we will review issues against the Leeds Directory Code of Good Practice.  We reserve the right to remove an organisation’s listing from Leeds Directory pending investigation and also reserve the right to remove a provider permanently from Leeds Directory.


An organisation can appeal against the removal of their listing by writing to:

Veronica Evans, Leeds Directory Team, Leeds City Council, 4th Floor East, Merrion House, 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8BB. Appeals will be reviewed at our discretion.

Making the most of your listing

Make the most of your Leeds Directory listing by:

  • keeping your listing up to date
  • asking your happy customers to submit a review
  • working with us to support you with your business

Keep your listing up to date

Update your listing when you make any changes to your business, such as;

  • what services you offer
  • your contact information
  • where you provide your services
  • any change that may affect your green tick status

You can update your listing, through Suggest a Change on this site, through registering for an account to manage your listing or by contacting us.

When your suggested changes are submitted online they are reviewed by us prior to publishing, and we may contact you to clarify or confirm any changes requested.

Star Ratings and Reviews

Get your happy customers to submit a review!

Business Support

We work in partnership with the following organisations to provide you with support for your business:

West Yorkshire Trading Standards is responsible for protecting both you and your community against rogue traders and traders who have acted unfairly.


Call: 0113 253 0241

Write to: West Yorkshire Joint Services, PO Box 5, Nepshaw Lane South, Morley LS27 0QP

Ideas that Change Lives has been running for five years and aims to help people living in Leeds who have care and support needs to remain independent and improve their health and well-being.

The programme is managed by Leeds Community Foundation on behalf of Leeds City Council and provides vital start-up funding and practical support to help turn inspirational ideas into pilot projects or wider programmes that benefit vulnerable people in our communities.

All of the ideas need to have some source of income generation with aim of becoming self-financing.  There are two funding rounds per year.



Call: 0113 242 2426



Last reviewed: 27/03/2019